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When it comes to buying a new furnace, there are many different options for you to consider (we’ve included some factors to think about below).

Our friendly staff can help take the confusion and hassle out of selecting the one that’s right for your home, your budget and your energy efficiency requirements.

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Authorized Lennox Furnace Installations

Lennox Authorized Dealer
Husky is proud to be both a Lennox Premier Dealer and a Carrier dealer. This assures you that we have been rigorously trained, tested and approved to install your new furnace correctly. Your new furnace will perform at its best and last as long as possible.

You’ll Love the Service and Expertise from Husky

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedThere are so many reasons to choose us for your furnace installation. Since 1972, we’ve been perfecting our services so that we delight each and every customer. Here is what we promise to you:

  1. Great prices, delivered up front. There are no hourly rates or calculations to do – we show you the final cost.
  2. Friendly service from expert technicians. Our licensed technicians are also certified with NATE – the North American Technician Excellence program.
  3. No waiting around. We will arrive at your home on time.
  4. No mess to clean up. We protect your home when we are at work, and we clean up before we leave.
  5. We help with rebates. We want to help you save with specials and rebates – we even help you with the paperwork when permitted.
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our name is on the line, so if you’re not happy we will work to ensure your satisfaction.

Do we deliver what we promise? Read real customer reviews on the independent site HomeStars.

How Do We Determine the Best Furnace for Your Home?

Like all reputable heating providers, we don’t just recommend the biggest furnace we have – we need to see your home in order to determine what you need. Here is some of the information we use to decide which models to recommend.

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better.

While a furnace that’s too small won’t heat your home, a furnace that’s too big isn’t the answer either. If it’s too big, your furnace will constantly be turning on and off. That means it will use more fuel than needed, and its parts will wear out before their time. It will also cost more that you need to spend. You may even get odd temperature variations in your home.

We determine the right size of furnace for your home by doing what’s called a “Manual J HVAC Residential Load Calculation”. First we look at your home’s square footage. Then we see how well your home seems to be insulated. Are the doors and windows well sealed? How many panes of glass do your windows have? Does your home have large open spaces or are there more smaller rooms? Are there areas of your home that are naturally harder to heat?

The result is a recommended energy output level in BTUs (British thermal units).

How Important is Energy Efficiency?

Modern furnaces are much more energy efficient than the ones people were buying a few decades ago. Furnaces these days range from 78 AFUE to 97 AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). The higher the number, the more energy efficient the furnace will be. While more efficient furnaces do cost more, the costs can be balanced by fuel savings and rebates. If you want to enjoy more long term savings, are concerned that the price of natural gas will go up, or if you are concerned about the environment, then a more energy efficient furnace will be better for you.

Variable speed furnaces can also help with energy efficiency. “Variable speed” refers to the blower motor speed, and variable speed models give you more even airflow throughout your home.

Your Budget

For some of us, keeping upfront costs as low as possible is the top priority. We respect that, and will not try to sell you more than you need. At Husky, it’s our goal to match you with the right furnace.

Your Comfort Priorities

If you don’t like large temperature variations, we may recommend a furnace with two-stage heating. Instead of just being all the way on or off, two-stage heating can run at a lower stage (if it’s a milder day) or at full capacity (if it’s very cold outside).

Some furnaces come with additional soundproofing or other design features that make them quieter. If you’re sensitive to noise or have a smaller home, you may want these features.

Once we know all about your home and your requirements, we are then able to recommend one or more models that will meet your needs. We will walk you through the features and costs, and ensure you know about any rebates available.

Why Buy A New Furnace?

Deciding when to buy a new furnace can be difficult. Here are some factors to consider in your decision:

    • Does your current furnace require frequent repairs? This is one of the most important things to consider, because the cost of repairs can add up. The average cost to repair a furnace is between $400.00 and $500.00 each visit, but can be more depending on the problem. When your furnace breaks down, you not only feel the misery of the winter cold, but you run the risk of freezing and bursting your home’s plumbing, which of course can be expensive to repair. Remember, the older your furnace is, the longer you’ll need to wait for parts.


    • Energy Star logoIs your old, malfunctioning furnace causing you to pay high monthly energy bills? Rising fuel costs across Canada are making it easier to justify buying a new, energy efficient furnace. There are also rebates available on extra high efficiency furnaces.


    • A new, highly efficient furnace adds value to your home. If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll get more “buyer appeal” for potential purchasers – that means selling faster and getting a better price.


  • A new high efficiency furnace is the best way for you to improve your home comfort. Using multi-staging technology, our furnaces will evenly heat every room in your home – leaving no cold spots or poorly heated areas behind.

At Husky, we offer the Lennox and Carrier brand names that you know and trust. Many of our models are ENERGY STAR® qualified to help you save energy and enjoy smaller monthly bills. Why not ask for your free quote? There is no obligation or pressure – just honest advice and friendly expertise.

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